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Washing the Car

Limitless Auto

Hand Wash Car Detailing
Custom Auto Detailing, Car Repairs and Car Sales Serving Burton, Michigan & Surrounding Areas
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You come to us.


We come to you.


Best Service

Custom Auto Detailing for RV, Truck, Bus, Vans, and More
You can spend hours cleaning your own car, truck, van, or RV but wouldn't it be easier to relax while the experts at Limitless Auto do a professional job? They're fast, affordable, and conveniently located in Burton, MI

Why Limitless Auto?

Has your vehicle's interior or exterior seen better days? Let the pros at Limitless Auto in Burton, MI bring it back to showroom clean. Our expert automotive detailers have the tools and know-how to help you love your car or truck again.

Newer, Better, Beautiful

Limitless Auto in Burton, MI offers everything from a basic car wash to complete automotive detailing. From compact cars to Monster trucks, Limitless Auto can clean them all.

Shiny Inside, Shiny Outside

If you're thinking of selling your car, a professional auto detail is just what you need to increase, it's curb appeal but when Limitless Auto in Burton, MI is done cleaning its interior and exterior you might not want to.

Dress up for rim to wheel performance

If you own trucks or heavy equipment Limitless Auto can help keep your fleet clean and presentable and If you've got a lot full of used cars Limitless Auto can help you shine them up to get them moved.

If you have the time, we have the shine!
Best In Class
Car Detailing, Hand Wash Services
In Burton, Michigan. 

In & Out Car Wash
Full Auto Detailing
Specialized Car Care

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